Adorkable Zephyr Breeze is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Zephyr is a green, male pegasus. He has a slender, more angular built as his character is fairly thin. He is slightly taller in size. He has a rather messy and unkept man-bun hair style that often looks greasy. His tail is also unkept. He has stubble on his chin.


Zephyr is the younger brother to Fluttershy and was born in Cloudsdale. He is depicted as a chronic slacker who freeloads off of his parents after dropping out of school. He had many interests, but failed to pursue them all and has been unemployed most of his adult life.

He usually acts like a mooch and roams around trying to pick up mares and just be an overall sleaze bag. He also often meets at 'guys night' with Soarin', Spike, and Big Mac.

Prior to the episode, "Secrets Out" it is unknown were Zephyr was living, but it can be assumed he was living in Cloudsdale with his parents. In said episode, he asks Fluttershy about her spare room and she allows him to live with her.


Zephyr has an entitled attitude that is matched with selfishness and predatory behaviors. But deep inside he has a kindness.



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