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Adorkable Vinyl Scratch is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Vinyl Scratch is a blue female unicorn with a messy mane that circles around her head. She also has a similar style tail. She is of average size. Her mark is a music note.

She sometimes wears glasses that hide her eye pupils, and sometimes wears headphones around her neck.


Vinyl Scratch lives in Ponyville and is a room mate with her friend Octavia. Vinyl is a freelance musician and is a music store clerk.

In "Red Nose Ruse" Vinyl claims she has allergies, even though she has a cold. So it is uncertain if she actually does have allergies.


  • "Joy Of Roomies"
  • "Give Me A Beat"
  • "Fingers Rule"
  • "Flaunt It"
  • "Red Nosed Ruse"
  • "Manners"
  • "Moments Of Solace"
  • "Octavia Day"
  • "Emotional Labor" (mentioned)
  • "Wake Up"
  • "Stare Mares"
  • "Friends Together"
  • "Simpler Times"
  • "Friends Know"
  • "Keep Friends Closer"
  • "Try The Sandwiches"
  • "The Mares"
  • "Friends Or More?"
  • "Scary Movie"
  • "Age Of Civilization"
  • "Rage Quit"
  • "Super Sucker"
  • "Lesser But Not Worse"
  • "Modern Friendships"
  • "How The West Was Won"
  • "Hands"
  • "One Of A Kind"
  • "Top This"
  • "Crowning Achievement"
  • "Spikey Charms"
  • "Say it All"
  • "More Guilt" (mentioned)
  • "Short Term Gain"
  • "Monopolize"
  • "Tie The Noodle"
  • "Lesser Mare"


"Ooooh. Did you hear that booty clap? For some pony so up-tight, you have some fine assets, Tavi!" - Vinyl Scratch ("Give Me A Beat")

"You can be single with me?" - Vinyl Scratch ("Friends Together")


  • It was is established that when Vinyl sneezes, it is usually in three's. She has a bad habit of not covering her sneezes or coughs.
  • Vinyl often plays video games with Spike. During a Q&A, Vinyl is seen playing the video game Proxy - Ultimate Hacker which is a real game created by a fan.