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Adorkable Trevor is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends."


Trevor is a small colt, filly whom Twilight meets. Trevor looks up to Twilight and treats her kindly. Since he is still young, he is very innocent.


Trevor is blue and small. He has somewhat messy hair with a large round poof being the focal point of his hairstyle. He has no mark.


Trevor is still very young, but seems to usually be happy and innocent.


Twilight Sparkle[]

Trevor is on good terms with Twilight, and he respects her. He looks up to her and trusts her. He invites her to his clubhouse to hang out and "sit."


Trevor holds his family in high regard. He calls his Mom and Dad the "most important" ponies to enter his clubhouse. He also has a younger sister whom he loves and says he misses her when she is off away at a birthday party without him.


  • "Childhood Innocence"
  • "Filly Sized"
  • "Perfect As Is"
  • "Mommies Not Mares"
  • "Bite Sized Charm"
  • "Forever Young"
  • "Body Paint"
  • "Modern Art" (mentioned)
  • "Other Lives"
  • "A Kingdom Rises"


  • Trevor has a younger sister and a Mom and Dad.
  • Trevor has a cardboard box fort he made.
  • A gifted drawing a letter from Trevor can be seen under the Hearth's Warming tree in the episode, "Merry Mistletoe"