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Adorkable Tree Hugger is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends."


Tree Hugger has a thick braided mane and tail and wears a floral printed head cloth. She has thick, bushy eyebrows and often appears sort of unkempt. She has a swamp green (or weed green) color.


It isn't known where Tree Hugger was born, but it is safe to say she lives near or around Ponyville, most likely from inside her van. She probably moves around a lot having a mobile pair of wheels.

From the back of her van, she runs a mushroom grow operation and distributes the goods. Fluttershy was at one time a grower and her right hand helper in the process, but she didn't seem to handle the operations to the level Tree Hugger does. Fluttershy eventually stopped when her brother Zephyr Breeze burned her mushroom growing shed.

From what we know, Tree Hugger is single and has no loving relationship with anyone. In the episode, "Big Girl," she promotes to Fluttershy that she can settle down and find a stallion in San Flankcisco. She also says you can marry a fire hydrant and do anything in this city.

In "Confectioners Glaze," we learn Tree Hugger apparently buys all the brownies from Bon Bon's shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One can only imagine what she does with all those brownies.


Tree Hugger has been shown to be laid back and act as a stereotypical 1960s hippie. She loves the earth and "all natural" products from the earth.

She has been shown to have some economic sense in her head as she wants to expand her business by moving distribution of her mushrooms to San Flankcisco.



Tree Hugger's only appearance talking with other characters is her best friend and helper, Fluttershy. They seem to get along well, despite differing personalities.

Bon Bon[]

While never shown together, Tree Hugger buys brownies from Bon Bon. Bon Bon considers Tree Hugger a regular customer and seems pleased by it.


  • "Alone" (seen In background)
  • "Bad Company"
  • "Big Girl"
  • "Confectioners Glaze" (mentioned)
  • "Home Is"
  • "Local Vote"
  • "Hang Loose"
  • "Spikey Charms"
  • "Reading The Inside"


  • Tree Hugger drivers a van that looks very similar to a Volkswagen Van. The plates read "HPY HPPI," (Happy Hippie) and shows the van is registered to Ponyville.