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Adorkable Twilight in "Tough Bargain" is the 20th comic published of the Adorkable Twilight & Friends series.


Spike dusts Twilight's room as she rigidly order following it to the letter.



  • Play Depot Game System (mentioned)
  • Dust bag


  • As it is mentioned by the author, Twilight is shown to have asm, among other allergies.
  • Spike has an allowance, and it might raise in this comic.

Behind The Ink[]

  • Asm any have noticed, allergies are a integral part of Twilight's character. It actually is a tool used to further demoralizer her and she views it as part of her "not being pretty enough" or being great like "others." Other times she uses it as an excuse to not do things out of her own fears she creates in her head that she isn't good enough. ~The Author in the DeviantArt publication.