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Adorkable Tony is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. He is the owner of a cologne shop and is a local television chef on public television.


Tony appears in the episode, "Smell Good Times," where he tries to teach Spike a moral lesson before giving in to cash. He and Spike seem to know each other fairly well.

In the episode, "Understanding," it is revealed that Tony has been married "many years" to a mare.

In, "Starlight In Training," Tony is shown on television as a public television chef. He also makes a reference to his wife as he is cooking spaghetti. He says, "Then toss the olives all around that bed of spaghetti like I do my wife. Pow! Flavor!"


He is red, with some visible wrinkle lines at the corners of his eyes and around his mouth. He has a well combed hair style and looks rather clean cut. He is a light, toned red color.



  • Wife



  • "Smell Good Times"
  • "Understanding"
  • "Starlight In Training"
  • "Truth And Slander"