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Adorkable Twilight in "This Seat Taken?" is the 13th comic published of the Adorkable Twilight & Friends series and the last of the AT&F 1.0 comics.


A nervous pony nervously takes a sit next to Twilight.



  • Chairs

Behind the Ink[]

  • "I wish I would have done this comic better. Many people didn't understand it... it was also the end for Adorkable Twilight and Friends 1.0. The comic was trying to portray that even though others judged Twilight, she didn't judge others and was happy to have anyone by her side to talk with. If I could have gone back and done this again, I would have established Twilight more and her role before attempting this one. It would have made more sense with more history." ~The Author on DeviantArt publication.