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Adorkable Starlight Glimmer is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Starlight is a purple colored unicorn with a rather poofy mane style that curls at the tips. This theme is also carried over to her tail.


Starlight is a roommate with Twilight, Spike, and Moondancer, and the first roommate to join the crew.

She was born and grew up in Canterlot before spending some time in Baltimore. She then moved east of Baltimore and created a cultist village with no name. After her peaceful life there was interrupted by Twilight Sparkle, she moved to Ponyville to live with Twilight.


Often aloof, Starlight often has a calm demeanor. Some might call it arrogant, or that she feels she's above the rest, but some might see it as a mask as to what's really inside. She strives to be accepted as seen in certain instances. When things are out of her control, she is shown to lose all composure and become weak.


Twilight Sparkle[]

Starlight and Twilight are good friends, though Starlight does enjoy poking fun


Spike was not too excited when Starlight first came into his life, but overtime, Starlight's relationship with Spike grew in a positive direction. So much so that Starlight and Spike at times teased an almost loving relationship. But their relationships came to a check when they felt they needed to keep things strictly in the friendship zone. Starlight continued to manipulate her relationship with Spike, often teasing him with advances. It soon became unknown again if they were just friends or in a loving relationship. Though they never did anything beyond teasing, it at times got intense. Spike soon felt his relationship with her was going no where and eventually got in a relationship with Lily Valley. Starlight did not like this and continued to make advances. Starlight eventually tricked Spike to go on a road trip with her, which she was using as an attempt to lure Spike back to her. Starlight bought them a motel room with one bed which led to an awkward moment and them needing to discuss their relationship status once again. Starlight ashamed of her actions, apologized. She at times still tried to act playful around Spike, and even treated his girlfriend, Lily Valley, poorly. She eventually toned down her actions and accepted Spike being with Lily. She now remains a good friend with Spike and enjoys playing pranks and jokes on others with him.


She is friends with Moondancer.

Lily Valley[]


  • "Equestrian Justice" (mentioned)
  • "Friendly First Encounter"
  • "Send In The Calvary"
  • "Dragon On Wall Street"
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  • "Grateful"
  • "Naughty Night"
  • "The Game Of Life"
  • "Pickle Size Matters"
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  • "Off She Goes"
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  • "Desire"
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  • "Dirty Secret"
  • "Sappy Love Stories"
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  • "Context Cleans Minds"
  • "Beat Down"
  • "Simulation Seduction"
  • "Numerics"
  • "Pudding Pact"
  • "Value In Friendship"
  • "ZZZ"
  • "Whoops"
  • "Smell Good Times"
  • "How To Tell"
  • "Burning Love"
  • "The Moves"
  • "Arachnophobia"
  • "In The Glove Box"
  • "More Than Meat"
  • "Comics Are Cheap"
  • "Togetherness"
  • "Out Cooled"
  • "Art Of The Deal"
  • "Night Thought"
  • "Grab Fab"
  • "Weight It Out"
  • "Friends Together" (mentioned)
  • "One Piece"
  • "Learning Opportunity"
  • "Once, Twice..."
  • "Make It Out"
  • "Public Affection"
  • "She Told Ya"
  • "Family Also"
  • "Thinking Of You"
  • "Time Ticks On"
  • "Work It Out"
  • "Welcome Autumn"
  • "Pressure Cooked"
  • "To The Moon"
  • "The Stallions"
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  • "Friends Or More?"
  • "It Hurts" (mentioned)
  • "It Is What Friends Are For"
  • "Boop, Boop, Goose!"
  • "Drain The Swamp"
  • "Grape Juice"
  • "Snappy Spike"
  • "Twilight Blew It"
  • "To The Extremes"
  • "Too Likable"
  • "Clear As Mud"
  • "Merry Together"
  • "Assume The Position"
  • "Bucket of Bolts"
  • "Walking Fun"
  • "Starlight In Training"
  • "Goodbye To You"
  • "Passing Blame"
  • "Morning Merriment"
  • "Tissue Issue"
  • "Starlight Special"
  • "Loss Of Control"
  • "Springing Into Spring"
  • "Meaty Mare"
  • "Catch Of The Day"
  • "Lets Do Lunch"
  • "Reignited"
  • "Start Small"
  • "Truth And Slander"
  • "Scent Of Success"
  • "Calendar"
  • "Wildfire"
  • "Tossed Salad" (mentioned)
  • "Call In The SWAT Team"
  • "Naked"
  • "Down With Her Ship"
  • "Moonlight Talk" (mentioned)
  • "Sweet Passion"
  • "Cabin For Two"
  • "Holding Back Fury"
  • "Song Of Life"
  • "Makeup Kiss"
  • "Stretch Marks"
  • "Waiting Game"
  • "Three Mares And A Dragon"
  • "Peanuts and Lasagna"
  • "How The West Was Won"
  • "Routine"
  • "Candy"
  • "Hands"
  • "Kite Life"
  • "Security Dragon"
  • "Just Dinner"
  • "Mess"
  • "Moon Room"
  • "This Is Just Right"
  • "Friendly Gift"
  • "Elevator"
  • "Bombed" *
  • "Merry Mistletoe"
  • "New Look"
  • "Back To Roots"
  • "Fun Week"
  • "Learning Life" (mentioned)
  • "Opportunists"
  • "Criminal Offense"
  • "Surprise"
  • "The Pits"
  • "Unsettling Emotion" (dreamed)
  • "Filly Cartoons"
  • "Ship Of Fools"
  • "Wet Mane"
  • "Tempted By The Fruit"
  • "Open Your Eyes"
  • "Shades Of Love" (mentioned)
  • "Simple Joys"
  • "Pie Twi"
  • "Double Trick"
  • "Starlight Surprise"
  • "Adventure"
  • "In Tune"
  • "Bedtime Tussle"
  • "Sinking Ship"
  • "Lifeboat"
  • "Last Shot"
  • "Sleep Well In Seaddle"
  • "Main Course"
  • "Sparkling Clean"
  • "Dethroned Response" *
  • "Shoot The Messenger"
  • "Flower Shop Rose"
  • "Clear The Room"
  • "Hook, Line, And Sinker"
  • "Mare To Mare"
  • "Hesitation"
  • "Winter Is Coming"
  • "Pasta Perfect"
  • "Sudden Destruction"
  • "More Guilt"
  • "Short Term Gain"
  • "Monopolize"
  • "Tie The Noodle"
  • "Lesser Mare"
  • "Evening News"
  • "Score One Twilight"
  • "No Flu For You"
  • "Score Two Twilight"

*Special comic not tied to the canon.


  • Starlight Glimmer owns a Volvere 405-30 sedan, It is very reminiscent of an 80s Volvo sedan. She must have bought the car in Baltimare or had it registered there, as it's plates say the city's name on them. Finally in the episode, "Bucket Of Bolts," the plates now read Ponyville. Her license plate number is 7435437. When translated, it can spell out many different words, thought one translation is, "She Lies."
  • Starlight is always shown to sneeze in doubles, except only once in the episode, "Dirty Secret." She tells Spike in the episode, "Out Cooled," "I always sneeze in twos." It is also hinted she might have been turned on from the sneezes, which were induced from Spike's cheap cologne. She also sneezes a double in the episode, "Thinking Of You."
  • Starlight has thrown up twice. Once in the episode, "Friendly First Encounter," due to the stomach flu and once in the episode "Buttered Up" due to an upset stomach.