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Adorkable Spitfire is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends."


Spitfire is a golden yellow colored female pegasus with a flowing mane and tail. She is of average size, though a tad more shapely and considered attractive.

She can sometimes be seen in her military uniform which consists of a tie, some medals, and colored shirt.


Spitfire lives in Cloudsdale and worked for the Equestrian Air Force known as the Wonderbolts. She is a higher ranking member, but her position is unknown.

It is possible she drinks somewhat as she seems a bit intoxicated in, "His Tool." It caused her to be overly flirty.

Her personal life isn't well explored.


Spitfire is shown to be overly confident at times and seems to act like she is always sure of her decisions. But behind this facade she is more sensitive and fragile.

She seems to be aware that she is attractive to others and is confident in her shapely shape as she has been shown to be flirty as well as know that others are checking her out.

As seen in the episode, "His Tool," when possible buzzed by alcohol, she gets overly flirty.


Spitfire knows many ponies and has many friends and acquaintances. Soarin' is considered a friend of hers. Others that are shown around and talking to Spitfire are Cloudchaser, Vapor Trail, Rainbow Dash, Silver Zoom and Thunderlane.

It is possible that Spitfire has a crush on Soarin'. She acts flirty with him in the episode, "His Tool," and is very attracted to him.


  • "Follow The Rear" (mentioned)
  • "His Tool"
  • "Tough As Nails"
  • "What The Guys Do"
  • "Family Fan"