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Adorkable Soarin' is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Soarin' is a blue male pegasus with sharp edged mane that makes a crescent shape towards the back and is pointed and slicked back towards the front. His tail is long and pointed at the tips.

He is of average size, if not a little bit taller then most.


Soarin' was born in Cloudsdale. He is a member of the Wonderbolts.


For the most part, Soarin' is kind and laid back. He even shows leadership qualities often being the unofficial leader of "Guys Night" group.

He has also been shown to be very self aware of situations, At times he is goofy in his personality, while other times he is chill and cool about things.


Soarin' is in a close relationship with Rainbow Dash. They are shown often being together at various functions and are often in the same household, even sleeping together.

Soarin unofficially leads "Guys Night" with his friends, Big Mac, Zephyr Breeze, Spike, and to a lesser degree Greg. Soarin' enjoys to poke fun at Zephyr Breeze and doesn't always agree with his antics.

Spitfire may have been in a former relationship with Soarin' as he has said he finds her attractive and she has shown up to his place at least once on his day off. It is unknown if he is doing things with her.


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