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Adorkable Serena is a minor character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Serena is a bright pink earth pony with short messy hair and a bow by her right ear. She also wears glasses and has freckles running along her cheeks. Her tail is short and messy like her hair and she wears an oversized hoodie. She is visually smaller and shorter then other ponies and is implied to be "plus size" even though she doesn't look it.


Serena is a student and teacher's assistant at Mare County Community College. One of her classes is History 210 with Professor Francis, of which she is also the class's teacher's assistant.

She also admires a plus sized model pony named Bertha. She mistakenly thinks Twilight Sparkle is Bertha in "Plus Size Hope."




  • "Plus Size Hope"
  • "I Want To Teach"
  • "Home Is"
  • "Dig In"
  • "Hang Loose"
  • "Prof Sparkle"
  • "Light Reading"