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Seaddle is a city in the northwestern corner of Equestria.


Seaddle is a large city in northwestern Equestria. It is surrounded by forests and tall snow-capped mountains. It is a large coastal city with a major trading port and home to many technology companies such as Columbia.


  • "Cry Me A Rainstorm"
  • "Family Also" (on a poster)
  • "Beyond Rocket Science" (mentioned)
  • "Love In Transport" (seen in panel 3)
  • "Last Shot" (mentioned)
  • "Sleep Well In Seaddle"


  • Twilight Sparkle and Spike visit the Seaddle train station on their way to the Rainy Coast in episode, "Cry Me A Rainstorm."
  • The city appears on a poster in Spike's room in the episode, "Family Also."
  • The city is clearly based off a real world Seattle, Washington. Notable landmarks are several buildings, location in Equestria, the environment, such as trees type, mountains, water, and a Space Needle type building.
  • Their Hoofball sports team is called the Seaddle Reign.
  • Starlight Glimmer and Spike visit Seaddle in, "Sleep Well In Seaddle."