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San Flankcisco is a west coast city in Equestria.


San Flankcisco is a large city within San Flankcisco County. It is located on the western coast of Equestria, south of Seaddle and the Rainy Coast. It is a coastal city. The area's motto is, "It is probably legal here."


  • "Big Girl"
  • "Short Term, Long Term" (mentioned)


  • Tree Hugger and Fluttershy visit San Flankcisco in the episode, "Big Girl." Tree Hugger wants to make it their base of operations for distributing their goods.
  • San Flankcisco is clearly based off of San Francisco, California and the Bay Area. Many notable features are the setting, bridges, and buildings.
  • In, "Short Term, Long Term," the University of San Flankcisco asks Twilight to give a commencement speech. She accepts and writes a commencement speech only for the college to contact her later and say they no longer need her services because they choose Luna instead.