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Adorkable Red, or more commonly known as, Tax Pirate, is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. His real name has never officially been stated in the series and he is referred to often as the Tax Pirate.

He was called by the name, Tax Pirate, in his second appearance in the series in the episode called, "Tax Pirate."


Red wears his signature tie that he buys from Rarity in his first appearance in the episode, "Misunderstanding." He has a mix of long straight and curly hair, as well as small sideburns. He is a deeper red color.



Red first has meets Rarity when shopping in her store in the episode, "Misunderstanding." It is shown many times that he and Rarity have some form of relationship whether sexual or role playing for the sake of fun. Rarity eventually breaks up with him to try and improve herself. He seems truly upset, but seems to get over it quickly.

It is heavily implied in the episode, "The Stallions" and "It Hurts" that he was sexually fooling around with the Moondancer.


  • "Misunderstanding"
  • "Tax Pirate"
  • "Sweetie Belle Saves The Day"
  • "Child Logic"
  • "Weight Lifted"
  • "The Stallions"
  • "It Hurts"