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Adorkable Rarity is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends."


Rarity runs a clothing and fashion boutique in Ponyville. Her younger sister is Sweetie Belle, whom she watches over often.


Rarity is purple in color and has an elaborate hair design of curls at the tips. She has three diamonds as her mark.



Rarity's younger sister is Sweetie Belle. They have a good relationship, but at times Rarity varies in her care for Sweetie Belle. At times she has shown to be a caring and supportive sister, but at other times, she isn't afraid to have sexual partners at her house while Sweetie Belle is over.

Coco Pommel is Rarity's best friend outside of the Mane 6. The two have been seen together hanging out as friends.

Twilight Sparkle may be Rarity's best friend within the Mane 6 as she is seen with her the most, often having tea and talking.


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  • "Cuckoo" (mentioned)
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  • "F Is For Friends"
  • "The Truth Will Set You Free"
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  • "New Look"
  • "Appreciation Day" (mentioned & in photo)
  • "Fashion Fools"
  • "Fashion Foray"
  • "Dress For Success"
  • "Life's Weight"
  • "Reunion"
  • "Sudden Destruction"
  • "Axe Attack"
  • "Mares Glamping"
  • "Rare Guidance"


  • Rarity's shop closes at 6pm.
  • She is known for having her hoof "slip" on male customers when measuring them for outfits.
  • Rarity has "girl's night" as a private time for herself, just like Twilight.
  • Rarity enjoys bondage.
  • Rarity is seen with many different stallions throughout the series in varying relationships, often related to one night stands.