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Adorkable Rainbow Dash is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


She is drawn with a deep cerulean. She is a pegasus with wings.

Character Traits[]

Rainbow Dash is known to be more masculine of the group. She is often depicted as competitive and sexually precocious, challenging others and bragging about her sex life. She is in a relationship with Soarin', from the Wonderbolts, although the status of that relationship is never quite flushed out. They are often portrayed in bed together or having a small conversation.



Rainbow Dash sees to be in some form of close relationship with Soarin'.

Twilight Sparkle[]

Rainbow Dash considers Twilight Sparkle a friend even though her aggressive attitude is often at odds with Twilight.


Rainbow Dash and Applejack are good friends. It is shown throughout the series that Applejack and Rainbow Dash hang out together by themselves and also converse quite often in a competitive way. Dash even goes so far as to implying that Applejack dates her brother, Big Mac, in the episode "What Is Love?." Applejack of course quickly shoots down this proposition.

In the episode, "The Are Not Blueberries," Dash and Applejack are seen on a mountain hike together.

Throughout the series the two make eye contact and little gestures to each other as if communicating through actions when they see humorous or strange things happening around them. They are often either sitting next to each other or walking by each other if in a group.


Scootaloo looks up to Rainbow Dash and Dash does her best to be a good role model for Scootaloo. Still Scootaloo is able to know that Rainbow Dash has a rather interesting lifestyle, and even though she doesn't exactly want to grow up to be like Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo still thinks of her positively. Rainbow Dash enjoys Scootaloo because it also feeds her ego.

Pinkie Pie[]

Rainbow Dash seems to not think highly of Pinkie Pie and enjoys messing around with Pinkie Pie. She seems to find her antics annoying, so annoying in fact she even pinned her down on the ground in the episode, "Scheduled Fun." It is hard to tell if they are true friends or just friends through association.


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  • Rainbow Dash has pretty much admitted twice she goes to the bathroom while flying. In, "Winging It," Dash tells Soarin' she lets it rain, if she has to go to the restroom while flying. Soarin' is grossed out by her response in which she quickly says she is joking. She alludes to it again, but with Scootaloo in, "Look Out Below." She tells her, "I drop way worse stuff all the time," after Scootaloo drops her lemonade.