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Adorkable Officer Conner is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends."

His name has never been mentioned in the series, but his name badge shows his name.


Conner is a blue male stallion with a short cropped mane and a short cropped tail. He has thick eye brows and is of average size.

He wears his Ponyville Police uniform for work and it has a belt with various devices on it, including a weapon. The uniform towards the top is collared with a tie and a badge along where the shoulders are.


Conner is a Ponyville Police Officer and lives in Ponyville. He is shown to be a brave and honest officer of the law who goes out of his way to be a good role model when needed, especially to Sweetie Belle, whom he tries to act as a big brother for her.


Sweetie Belle

Female Officer



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