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Adorkable Octavia is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Octavia is a female earth pony with a rounded mane style that has bangs that go over her forehead. Her mane varies from being loose in the back, to sometimes being more straight in the back with a curl to one side. Her tail is straightened with a curl at the tip. Her mark us a musical treble clef.

Octavia often wears a bow with a white collar.


Octavia lives in Ponyville in a house with her roommate and friend, Vinyl Scratch.

Octavia is a musician and writes her own music.


  • "Joy of Roomies"
  • "Give Me A Beat"
  • "Flaunt It"
  • "Red Nosed Ruse"
  • "Moments of Solace"
  • "Octavia Day"
  • "Emotional Labor"
  • "Wake Up"
  • "Stare Mares"
  • "Spike The Man"
  • "Friends Know"
  • "Life Strikes"
  • "Rage Quit"
  • "Super Sucker"
  • "Modern Friendships"
  • "One Of A Kind"
  • "Top This"
  • "Say It All"


  • Octavia owns an older sports coupe that looks a lot like a BMW.