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Adorkable Murphy is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Murphy is a larger red stallion with a husky, heavier set, shape. He has a larger hairdo and sideburns and often has stubble. He also has thick eyebrows and a larger snout. He wears a collared shirt with a tuft of fabric in the front.


Murphy is rather crass but knows how to make a quick buck and is very street smart. He personality reflects his upbringing in Equestria's urban cities on the east coast.


Murphy lives in Dockland with his roommate and fellow business partner, Colin. Together they produce adult films and make money through selling their videos online. Murphy handles their businesses money and does the camerawork. 

Colin says that right after college, he and Murphy went right into the adult film industry.

Murphy appears to be a bachelor living a life of vice and mischief.


Colin is Murphy's friend and business partner. Out of college they started their business venture.

Appearances []

  • "Helpful Kidnapping"