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Adorkable Moondancer is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Moondancer lived in Canterlot before moving in with Twilight in Ponyville. She is very educated. Moondancer is also shown to be quite reclusive at times, being very happy to stay inside all day. She isn't afraid to go outside though and is willing to have fun. Moondancer enjoys writing and drawing comics, reading, playing games, and playing romance novel games. She also enjoys government and regularly attends Ponyville town council meetings. She applies to be a member of the Ponyville town council and is in the process of possibly getting that position.


Moondancer is one of the few characters to alter her appearance sometimes. Sometimes her hair is pulled upward so she has no bangs over her forehead, and other times she has bangs. Otherwise she often wears her glasses, except in rare occasions. She also doesn't always wear her sweater, but she wears it more then not wearing it.


Moondancer is shown to have a rather dull and dry personality, but she also has shown she likes to have fun if it interests her. If Moondancer is not interested in something, she doesn't care to do it. She can be quite blunt about things.


Twilight Sparkle[]

While Moondancer doesn't talk to Twilight much, she has introduced Twilight to many new interests such as computer games and comics. While they are friends, it isn't certain how close of friends they are.

Starlight Glimmer[]

Starlight and Moondancer get along fair enough and can be considered friends.


Moondancer seems to be closer to Spike then most. She has given him advice and he has been warm and inviting to her as well. Spike, unlike the others, has tried to break her out of her comfort zone.


Moondancer picks becomes attached to a small cat she finds while on a fun night out with Spike and Pinkie Pie. Pinenut seems to always follow very closely to Moondancer and seems to trust her.

Pinkie Pie[]

Moondancer helps Pinkie Pie when she thinks she was mugged. She finds out that Pinkie Pie was lying to try and get attention from anyone. She befriends Pinkie Pie and they are seen hanging out after this event.

Moondancer's other relationships seem to be rather shallow, as she doesn't try to get to know others. It is heavily implied in the episode, "The Stallions" and "It Hurts" that she was sexually fooling around with the Tax Pirate.


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  • Her personality is much more outgoing in her first appearance in the episode, "Mi Casa Es Su Casa." She also isn't wearing classes. By her second appearance, her demeanor changes to being more subdued and boring.
  • In her second appearance, in the episode, "Party Horses" she is not wearing her sweater. Also in her third appearance, in the episode, "Farts Content" she is also not wearing her sweater. She also does not wear her sweater in the episode, "Cheat Life."
  • Moondancer's hair style changes from having bangs to not having bangs periodically.
  • Moondancer wears a suit and tie in, "Local Vote" and "Guilty As Charged."