Adorkable Mitch Windell is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. He is the founder of the YourPillow.


Mitch is the founder and CEO of the YourPillow brand. His products, he proudly states, are made in his home town of Whinnyapolis. Not much else is known about him other then he appears on television advertisements selling his pillows.


Mitch is a light blue colored male earth pony with a manicured hair style which has some strands which hang over his forehead. He has thicker eyebrows and a thick, manicured mustache. He wears a long sleeved dress shirt and wears a small chain with a cross on it. He seems to be of average size and be middle aged.


  • "Buying Calm"
  • "Sources" (mentioned)
  • "Communication" (on tv)
  • "Sources" (mentioned)
  • "Criminal Offenses" (on tv)


Mitch Windell is a parody of Mike Lindell, who sells the My Pillow.

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