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Adorkable Friends in "Merry Mistletoe" is the XXXth episode published of the Adorkable Twilight & Friends series. It was released via Tumblr December 24th, 2018 on Christmas Eve and re-released on Christmas Day.


Twilight, Starlight, and Moondancer want to surprise Spike and set up a mistletoe in the kitchen. Twilight calls Spike in and he falls into their prank as they call give him a kiss!




  • In this episode, all the characters are seen wearing Christmas/Hearth's Warming clothing.
  • The author writes a message to the viewers seen on the book Spike is reading.
  • Greg's bowtie can be seen on the Hearth's Warming tree. The first reference to Greg since he left in the episode, "Left Unsaid."
  • A drawing and letter from Trevor can be seen under the tree.
  • The "mistletoe" in this episode is actually a holly plant.