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Adorkable Major Bighorn is a character in the "Adorkable History" series.


Major Bighorn was a ranking member of the old Equestrian Army during the time of westward expansion. He firmly believed in the orders from Celestia of uniting Equestria at any cost.


Major Bighorn first appears meeting Chief Major Clop as his regiment moves in on the territorial lands of the Bison tribe. He tells the chief that Celestia thinks their land is truly beautiful and mentions that more travelers of his kind will be coming through. He then says that he will be using the tribes burial grounds for their new fort, and that he will trade them sickness for their women.

As time goes on, Major Bighorn informs Chief Major Clop that he will be moved to a new territory just for him and his kind. Chief Major Clop, feeling betrayed says, "You turn your word on me, I turn my back on you." Angered by the response, Major Bighorn has the chief shot in the back by his sergeant.


Major Bighorn seems very proud of Equestria and feels superior to the Bison race. This is shown by how he often interacts with Chief Major Clop. He seems to fully take to heart that Equestria must be united at any cost, as said by their leader, Celestia.

When Chief Major Clop is dead, Bighorn seems to show little remorse, as he feels it is his duty to carry out Celestia's orders.


"Fair Trade"

"Don't Turn Your Back"

"Any Cost"


From the episode, "Any Cost."

Major Bighorn - "Sergeant, times are changing. Equestria is expanding. Either they conform or we reform."

Sergeant - "What will his tribe do when they hear of this news?"

Major Bighorn - "We're in control, not them. This is our land to unite."

Sergeant - "But at what cost? Through death?"

Major Bighorn - "Any cost, Sergeant. Any cost."