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Adorkable Lyra Heartstrings is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Lyra was born in Canterlot and eventually moved to Ponyville. She was friends with Twilight Sparkle early on and continues to have that friendship to this day. She is currently a roommate with her friend, Bon Bon.


Lyra is a green colored female unicorn with a two tone mane and tail style. Her hair is pointed at the tips. She is of average size.

In the episode, "Age of Civilization," Lyra has a shorter hair cut with no explanation as to why.


Lyra has a bubbly and happy personality. She has a tendency to be absent minded and ditzy. She is also good hearted and has good intentions with everything she does. She wants the best for others and likes to be included with her friends. She has been shown to be carefree but also aware when she should be concerned about something.

Lyra also somehow has good insight on life advice.


Bon Bon[]

Lyra lives with Bon Bon. They are good friends. Their relationship has shown to be strained at times while at other times, they are very close with no strain. As the series progressed, Bon Bon is shown to be closer to Lyra, even having her watch her shop when she is not around. Lyra has been shown to prepare meals for Bon Bon while she works during the day and has taken her out to a picnic on at least one occasion, or at least tried until ants ate their food. Lyra treats Bon Bon as a best friend and does all she can to be a good friend, if not extended family member.

Twilight Sparkle[]

Lyra and Twilight Sparkle are good friends. Twilight has spent time with Lyra on several occasions and they grew up together in Canterlot. Twilight has sometimes asked Lyra for advice, and Lyra always provides.


Lyra and Spike are friends. It can be assumed Spike and Lyra became friends because of Lyra's friendship with Twilight Sparkle. Spike and Lyra seem to be fairly close as she trusts Spike in helping when she thought she had a case of, "lazy butt," in the episode, "Doctor Spike Returns." Lyra has even playfully nibbled on Spike's ear. When Bon Bon is away, Lyra joins Spike in trying to earn extra money for Bon Bon's business.

Pastor Paul[]

Lyra is very close to Pastor Paul. She seems to be very involved with the church and helps Pastor Paul run Singles Night in, "Try The Sandwiches."


  • "Reasons"
  • "Inner Sparkle"
  • "Public Relations"
  • "You Have Company"
  • "Monkey See, Monkey Do"
  • "Your Garden"
  • "Kindness"
  • "The Right Motivation"
  • "Doctor Spike Returns"
  • "Never Change"
  • "Lyra Logic"
  • "Take That Risk"
  • "Emotional Labor" (mentioned)
  • "Wake Up"
  • "Lot In Life"
  • "Your Mark"
  • "The Moon Rises"
  • "Friends Together" (mentioned)
  • "Fillyhood Wishes"
  • "Wise Dragon"
  • "Pressure Cooked"
  • "Try The Sandwiches"
  • "Buying Calm"
  • "Home Is"
  • "Calling All Angels"
  • "Age Of Civilization"
  • "Springing Into Spring"
  • "Local Vote"
  • "Guilty As Charged"
  • "Absolutely Floored"
  • "Bite Sized Charm"
  • "Wildfire"
  • "Election Night"
  • "Future Smiles"
  • "Lesser But Not Worse" (mentioned)
  • "For The Pony"
  • "Festive Feast"
  • "Sowing Seeds"
  • "Flower Shop Rose"
  • "A Kingdom Rises"


  • In, "The Moon Rises," Lyra is seen in the background sleeping during a Ponyville town council meeting.