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Adorkable Lily Valley is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Lily is a pink colored mare of average size. She has a well groomed mane and wears a lily in her hair. The Lily flips sides depending on the angle we see her in most cases, which cold be a visual gag. Sometimes the Lily is only on one side.


Lily is very shy and usually quiet. Lily seems to be able make friends easily even though she is shy. When she warms up to somepony, she becomes more confident and can be quite talkative.

Lily is warm and affectionate to ones she trusts and loves. She will be very giving and do all she can to show that warmth to those whom she trusts.

She can also be naive and unsure about things, often being quite innocent to the darker aspects of the world. When she is challenged she can be reluctant to open up again.

When she is confident she is willing to challenge any pony who challengers her, especially if it is for someone she cares for. She constantly pushes back at Starlight who constantly challenges her.


Lily enjoys gardening. She really likes to work in her garden and share her love of flowers with others.

She has tried fishing with Spike and has even caught fish on occasion, thought she didn't know what to do once she caught it.

Lily has always tried to play computer games with Spike and his friends, Vinyl and Lyra.


Spike often calls Lily the nickname of "Lillers."


Lily seems to make friends easily even though she is shy. While her closest friends aren't really known, she does have a close relationship with Roseluck who helped Lily find Spike. They were also close friends before this, with Roseluck more or less looking out for Lily.

Lily is in a loving relationship with Spike and had to originally initiate the relationship. She showed up to Spike's massage service to get a massage, despite her dislike of being touched by those she doesn't know. Since then, they have been in a loving relationship of equals. Lily seems to like taking care of Spike and spoiling him with good food, clothing, and affection.

She seems to be friendly towards Spike's friends as well such as Vinyl and Lyra.

Lily is friendly to Twilight and Moondancer.

Early one Lily's relationship with Starlight was strained. Starlight would do mean things or tease Lily. She wasn't sure how to respond, but as she got to understand Starlight, she began to stand up to Starlight and even challenge her back. They are now friendly but still butt-heads.


  • "The Mares"
  • "Friends Or More?"
  • "First Move"
  • "Loss Of Control" (mentioned)
  • "Fishing For Friends"
  • "Spike The Hipster"
  • "Real Clean"
  • "Status"
  • "Makeup Kiss"
  • "Waiting Game"
  • "Three Mares And A Dragon"
  • "Security Dragon"
  • "Just Dinner" (mentioned)
  • "Friendly Gift" (mentioned)
  • "This Is Just Right" (in a picture)
  • "Friendly Gift" (mentioned)
  • "Lily Cares"
  • "Lone Hair" (mentioned)
  • "Boots"
  • "Unsettling Emotion" (dreamed)
  • "Ship Of Fools"
  • "Open Your Eyes" (mentioned)
  • "Fine Dining"
  • "Meat Dragon Strikes"
  • "Shades Of Love"
  • "Getting Real"
  • "Flower In Your Mane"
  • "More Guilt" (mentioned)
  • "Short Term Gain"
  • "Monopolize"
  • "Tie The Noodle"
  • "Lesser Mare"
  • "Score Two Twilight" (mentioned)


  • She wears a lily in her mane. Which side it is on varies.
  • Lily owns a red sedan with visual cues similar to a 2013-2016 Dodge Dart.