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Adorkable Lawrence is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. He works at the Ponyville Library.


Lawrence is a red stallion with a thick mane her combs back and it hangs close around his neck. His tail is of a similar style and long. He wears glasses and a collar with a long tie.


Lawrence grew up in a family with a Father, Mother, and a sister. He was born and raised in Spomane, Cascade State. Sometime in his early life, he and his family moved to the Ponyville area due to his Dad's job. He has mentioned he invests his money and has no criminal record. He currently works at the Ponyville Library.

Lawrence enjoys reading and writing. When he was younger he wrote fantasy stories and confides to Twilight he still writes for fun to this day. He says his weakness is writing romantically.


Lawrence is pleasant and kind with an often chipper demeanor. He can strike up conversations well with others and can be quite personable. He has also been shown to be helpful and good with fillies. He also has been shown to be willing to share, even with those he doesn't know very well. In one of his first meets with Twilight, he offers her half his sandwich. Lawrence is shown to have a rather calm demeanor overall, but also takes his job seriously. He works diligently and will do whatever task he is told, and do it to the best of his ability.


Lawrence has a group of friends he hangs out with at the local Honeybee's restaurant in Ponyville. His friends are, Felix, Silver Zoom, and Toe Tapper. He is close enough friends with them to confide his feelings to them and share his personal woes and worries to them, as they do back to him.

He also has a budding relationship with Twilight. The two met on Lawrence's first day at the Ponyville Library. Since their first meet, Lawrence has met Twilight's parents, Spike, Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer, and Lily Valley.

Lawrence has a good working relationship with his boss, library director, Ned.


  • "Library"


  • "Hello everypony, I brought steamed yams." - Lawrence (Surprise Guest)


  • Possibly intentionally, Twilight's first love interest, Greg wore a bowtie. Lawrence wears a tie. Greg wore glasses for up-close reading, but Lawrence wears glasses at all times.