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Adorkable Greg is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.

Greg's full name was revealed in the episode, "All In A Name." It appeared on one his college degree's.


Greg is a blue colored male unicorn. His hair is full and rather long in the back. His tail is shorter but of the same style as the front. His signature look is a bowtie. He wears glasses when writing or reading.


Greg got a degree in journalism at Mare County Community College. A second degree shows he went to a higher learning establishment beyond Mare County Community College, but the name is obscured. The letters, "Man" and "Univ" can be seen. It could be Manehattan University. His full name is also revealed on this degree.

Greg eventually met Twilight when he worked for the Ponyville newspaper. He asked her for an interview and much to his surprise, she accepted in part to his kindness and honesty to her.

Over time, the two became close. Close enough that when Twilight asked Spike to throw away her bad fan fiction she had written, Spike gave it to Greg. Greg read the fan fiction and liked it so much, he planned to have it professional printed in a book just for Twilight to enjoy. In doing so, he went to Javan, who could professionally bind the writing into a book. Twilight caught wind of this by Autumn Summer and misunderstood Greg's actions into thinking he just gave her writings to another member of the press to publish. She was very upset and broke up with Greg just before he wanted to tell Twilight he loved her.

The two made amends and got back together within a week after Twilight cooled down and understood the situation. The continued to date and do many things together as their relationship continued to grow.

Greg goes on a special assignment through a contract with the Manehattan Time to cover tensions on the Yakyakistan border, which is his first real break with a major newspaper. He happily accepts even though he and Twilight at this point are a very close couple. Twilight agrees to take care of his apartment and pet goldfish, Elbert.

Greg arrivers back home and spends more time with Twilight and their relationship continues to grow. Finally Greg receives another offer from the Manehattan Times to do contract work in Manehattan for a month. He hopes this will lead to him being fully hired by the Manehattan Times after his contract work. He consults with Twilight who accepts and wants him to follow his career. He leaves once again.

While in Manehattan, Greg meets Coco Pommel for the first time and gets his job interview with the Manehattan Times after his contract work complete. He surprises Twilight one night by returning home in which Twilight then tells him she wants some time to think things through about their relationship She doesn't feel the long distance relationship is working out. Greg, heartbroken simple accepts her answer and wishes, "Miss Sparkle" the best.

Greg takes his pet goldfish and decides to leave Ponyville. He is seen leaving the Ponyville translation with a suitcase and his goldfish. But as if leaving behind his old life, on a train station seat, he leaves behind his bowtie he always wears, a train ticket for two, and a ring. It can be assumed Greg was going to propose and engagement to Twilight, and the train ticket for two to Manehattan was him going to take Twilight with him to their new home if she accepted. She never knew anything was going to happen though as she broke up with him beforehand.


Greg is kind and respectful of others. Greg shows he really has a passion to follow his dreams and excels at his true love of writing. He is very fun loving to others often always having a smile and finding the brighter side of things. He does have a tendency to say things that may offend others, but it is never intentional. He also can be humorous as he likes to tell witty jokes.


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  • Greg has a pet gold fish named Elbert.
  • Greg seems to wear his glasses when writing or reading. So he may be farsighted.
  • Greg's bowtie is on Twilight's Heath's Warming tree in the episode, "Merry Mistletoe."
  • Greg's bowtie is in trapped on a rock in a stream in the episode, "Honest Apple."