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Adorkable Francis is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends."


Francis is a middle aged male earth pony with a receding hair line. He wears glasses and is often seeing wearing a sport jacket and a neck sweater under the jacket.


Francis appears to be confident as well as easy going, if not indifferent about some things. Due to his tenure status as a professor, he hands a lot of his grading off to his assistant, Serena.

His confidence seems to continue on to his dating life, as he freely hits on Twilight Sparkle when she comes to speak to his class. He seems to indulge in the present.


Francis' full name is Francis Smith. He is a professor at Mare County Community College and teaches in the history department. He has tenure and feels he doesn't have to work as hard as someone who doesn't have tenure.


  • "Twilight Lecture"
  • "I Want To Teach"


  • According to the Adorkable Twilight & Friend's Patreon, Prof. Francis Smith is a nod to Prof. Steve Smith from the animated cartoon, "China, IL," which was created by Brad Neely. Strangely, his name is based off of Steve Smith's brother, Frank Smith.