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Adorkable Fluttershy is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Fluttershy is a yellow female pegasus with a long, flowing mane that curls at the tips. Her tail follows this theme. She is of average size.


Fluttershy was born in Cloudsdale to her Mom and Dad. She has a brother, Zephyr Breeze. She eventually moved Ponyville where she has a home just outside of town. Sometime since her arrival, her friend, Tree Hugger, got her to start growing mushrooms which they sell for profit. These mushrooms are of the illegal drug variety. Fluttershy is not proud of this part of her life, even though her friends are clueless to it. In the episode, "Salad Days," she admits she is ashamed of it.


She is shy and quiet and doesn't talk much. She appears to be a pushover and allow others to control her and her actions.


She is friends with Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. She is shown with her other friend Tree Hugger often.

It is not known what she thinks of her brother, Zephyr Breeze.

In the episode, "What Is Love?," Fluttershy answers that her romantic life is, "fine." Nothing else about any love relationship is known at this time or if she just said that to not be left out.


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