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Adorkable Colin is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Colin is a light brown colored stallion with a manicured hairdo and is seen either with stubble or clean shaven.


Colin is shown to be pretty full of himself and laughs at his own jokes. He is also implied to drink.


Colin lives in Dockland with his roommate and fellow business partner, Murphy. Together they produce adult films and make money through selling their videos online. Colin himself says he "handles the mares" and is the pretty boy for the videos with the females.

Colin says that right after college, he and Murphy went right into the adult film industry. Colin appears to be a bachelor living a life of vice and mischief.


Murphy is Colin's friend and business partner. Murphy handles their businesses money and also films their adult films.

Appearances []

  • "Helpful Kidnapping"