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Adorkable Coco Pommel is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Coco Pommel was born and raised in Manehattan where she is a designer of clothes. Coco is friends with Rarity, and they maintain a good relationship built around fashion designing, sharing tips, and learning from one another.


Coco is shown as kind and caring. She is also shown to be quite emotional, gullible, and overly trusting. A stray comment can easily lead her to tears.


Coco is a female yellow-beige, off white colored earth pony who wears a red flower in her hair. She also wears a purple collar with red bowtie. Her rear mark is a hat.

Her mane is cut short with bangs over her forehead. Her mane curls at the tips as does her medium length tail.

She is of near average size, slightly smaller, with a curvier figure and my plump behind.


  • "Designer Friends"
  • "Rarity Rising"
  • "Finest Friends"
  • "Done Trippin'"
  • "Dig In"
  • "Fashion Foray"
  • "Dress For Success"
  • "Life's Weight"
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  • "Shared Love" (mentioned)