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Adorkable Cloudchaser is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Very little is known about Cloudchaser.


Cloudchaser is a light purple female pegasus.


Cloudchaser overall seems to be friendly but also popular among certain circles. She can be a bit cocky and is very confident in herself.

She is shown to be very confident in herself in the episode, "The Mares." She says she could have any stallion anytime she wants, but she just likes searching for the right one. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but she is single.

Even though she may be confident in her abilities, looks, and charm, she isn't extremely brave. In, "Tough As Nails," she is nervous throughout the episode and is easily frightened and flies away when she hears a noise in the bushes.


In the episode, "Tough As Nails," she is shown to be hanging out with other pegasi; Soarin', Rainbow Dash, and Spitfire. It can be assumed they are friends.

She is single as she appears at the church's singles night looking for a suitor.


  • "Wise Dragon"
  • "Try The Sandwiches"
  • "The Mares"
  • "Home Is"
  • "Look Out Below"
  • "Tough As Nails"
  • "Local Vote"
  • "Short Changed"
  • "Breakfast With Spike" (offscreen but talking)
  • "What The Guys Do"
  • "Super Sucker"
  • "Banking On It"
  • "Pony Butt"
  • "Sowing Seeds"
  • "Charity Car Wash"
  • "Flower Shop Rose"
  • "Effort Industry"


Cloudchaser may be religious as she yells, "Forgive me of my sins!" when she thinks her life is threatened in the episode, "Tough As Nails."