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Adorkable Chief Major Clop is a character in the "Adorkable History" series.


Chief Major Clop was the chief of a native bison herd in old time Equestria. He meets Lieutenant Colonel Hoofstrong of the Equestrian Army and is pleased with how he presents Equestria and her leader, Celestia. Hoofstrong warns Chief Major Clop that he may see an increase Equestrian regiments as they head west, but assures him they will be temporary.

Major Bighorn is the next Equestrian Army leader to visit Chief Major Clop and his tribe. Bighorn is seems to have a lower opinion of Chief Major Clop and his tribe and firmly believes the will that Equestria is theirs to take, as their leader Celestia says. Chief Major Clop is wary of Major Bighorn and his military regiment, but it all goes down the toilet when Major Bighorn informs Chief Major Clop that him and his people must be moved to a new land, and that Equestria will now take his land, as the will of Celestia. In a move of defiance, Chief Major Clop tells Major Bighorn, "I feel my kind of been deceived... You turn your word on me, I turn my back on you." Angered, Major Bighorn orders Chief Major Clop shot in the back. Chief Major Clop dies immediately from the gunfire and lays symbolically on a hill between his tribe's camp and the Equestrian Army camp.


Chief Major Clop seemed to be fair and a bison of his word. He respected the word of others and was willing to turn his cheek before using violence against others. Sadly this was also his downfall.


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