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Adorkable Cheerilee is a character in "Adorkable Twilight & Friends"


Cheerilee is a darker pink female earth pony with a curled mane. Her tail follows a similar style to her mane. There is a stripe on her mane that goes down onto her bangs. Her internet MiFace profile lists her heigh as 4ft 2in.

She is of average size and shape. She has lower back dimples just above her tail. Her mark is is three flowers with smiley faces on them.


Cheerilee is a teacher who teaches at the Ponyville School. She teaches younger kids.

A running arc with her is trying to find a respectable relationship with a stallion. She has been seen at the bar watching stallions, hoping for one to ask her out or buy her a drink. It was at the bar scene she met and became friends with Berry Punch who is in a similar situation.

Cheerilee also went to a church single's night to try and find a suitor.

In the episode, "Rain Inside Your Heart," it is revealed that Cheerilee has been in a rather deep relationship with some stallion, which as of now is unknown. She has a complete break down when he breaks up with her and is still haunted by the event which seems to plague on her when she is alone at night at home.


While looking for a love relationship, Cheerilee is currently dating no one, though she is trying.

She has made friends with Berry Punch, whom she met at a bar.

She is also friends with Spike who also has her as a regular customer for his massages.


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  • According to Scootaloo in, "Extra Credit," she claims Cheerilee said she, "became an adult in Las Pegasus."
  • She has a mild allergy to polyester.
  • She drives a yellow car similar in appearance to a Chrysler PT Cruiser.