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Adorkable Cadance is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Cadence lives in the Crystal City within the Crystal Empire. She is married to Shining Armor. The two of them have one daughter, Flurry Heart. She lives in a wealthy household and lives comfortably.


She is shown to pleasant and loving to her family. She also can be quick to anger and can get easily overwhelmed in the right circumstances as shown throughout the series. A darker side of her likes taboo's as seen in, "Sibling Love." She is also quick to wit and takes jabs at others in a nonchalant manner.


  • "Time Zones"
  • "Tough Choices"
  • "Family Call"
  • "Family Matters"
  • "Grooving" (In a picture)
  • "Happy Anniversary"
  • "Having Fun Before Bedtime"
  • "Alli, Give Me Episode" (mentioned)
  • "Sibling Love"
  • "Love In Transport" (mentioned)
  • "Just Dinner"
  • "Fun Week" (mentioned)
  • "Working The System"
  • "Learning Life" (mentioned)
  • "Listening In"


  • Shining Armor and Cadance own a minivan that looks a lot like a Chrysler Pacifica.