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Adorkable Bon Bon (Bonbon) is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. She is the owner and runs the bakery and confection shop, Bon Bon's Sweet Cakes.


  • "Monkey See, Monkey Do"
  • "Lyra Leads"
  • "Lyra Logic" (mentioned)
  • "Emotional Labor"
  • "Confectioners Glaze"
  • "Customer Service"
  • "Business Deals"
  • "Lot In Life"
  • "Exotic Art"
  • "Lost In Song"
  • "Bon Diggity Bonster"
  • "Wise Dragon" (alluded too)
  • "Try The Sandwiches" (mentioned)
  • "You Shall Be Wrecked"
  • "Drain The Swamp"
  • "General Advice" (mentioned)
  • "Buying Calm"
  • "Home Is"
  • "Calling All Angels"
  • "Local Vote"
  • "Guilty As Charged" (mentioned)
  • "Absolutely Floored"
  • "Election Night"
  • "Returning The Flavor"
  • "Modern Friendships" (mentioned)
  • "For The Pony"
  • "Festive Feast"
  • "Starlight Surprise"
  • "Adorkable Ways"
  • "A Kingdom Rises"


  • Bon Bon owns a purple compact car that seems similar to a second generation Dodge/Plymouth Neon.