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Adorkable Billiam is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. Billiam is a politician and part of the Ponyville City Council.


Billiam is a blue male earth pony and seems to be middle aged. He has a very well kept mane and tail.

He wears a suit and tie.


Billiam is a politician in Ponyville. When he is first seen is running for political office. His second appearance he is a Ponyville city council member member.


  • "Hard Bargain"
  • "The Moon Rises"
  • "All In A Name" (As a bobblehead figure)
  • "Returning The Flavor"
  • "For The Pony"
  • "Elevator"


  • His likeness is seen as a bobblehead in the episode, "All In A Name." It is located in Greg's home office, so it can be assumed that Greg is a supporter of Billiam.
  • His name might be a parody of 42nd US President Bill Clinton.
  • He has a rather large hair style possibly to mimic politician's and their well kept hair. He may also be a parody to 45th US President Donald Trump.