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Adorkable Berry Punch is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Berry Punch is a purple female earth pony. She has a bubbly hair style that looks rather messy and a tail of the same style.

Berry is of average size to other mares, though slightly curvier in the rear end.


Not much is known about what Berry Punch actually does other then once in awhile go to the bar and drink.


Berry Punch's best friend may very well be Cheerilee, whom she met at the bar while trying to pick up a date.

On a few occasions, Berry has been seen hanging out with Twilight. In, "Helping Hoof," Twilight lets Berry Punch stay at her place with Spike while she is hung over. Again in, "Party Ponies," it is shown Twilight went out for a night on the town with Berry Punch, who is passed out drunk on her back.


Adorkable Twilight and Friends 1.0[]

Adorkable Twilight and Friends 2.0[]

  • "Helping Hoof"
  • "Everypony Knows Your Name"
  • "Doctor Spike"
  • "Party Ponies"
  • "Spike The Man"
  • "Same Boat"
  • "Wise Dragon"
  • "The Mares"
  • "Home Is"
  • "Look Out Below"
  • "Connection Made"