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Adorkable Autumn Summer is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series. She is also a character in Scootaloo's Scootaquest.


Autumn has voluminous long hair and an average body type, but rather shapely. Her tail is long and flowing. Her color is a muted red. Her mark is an autumn leaf and the sun.


Autumn is one of a handful of sisters who grew up in a smaller town in Equestria. She eventually moved to Ponyville where she got a job for Channel 4 News, a regional local news channel headquartered in Ponyville.


She seems to be proud of her positions as a Channel 4 News reporter, but also caught in a moral bind, wanting to do the right thing, even if it doesn't help her career. She is outwardly very friendly to others, but has been shown to gossip behind the backs of others.


Autumn Summer has a good relationship with Greg who works as a journalist for the local Ponyville newspaper. She kindly returns Greg's missing backpack to him after work, and to the readers knowledge, she doesn't snoop through his bag. She may have a crush on Greg as she wants him to hug her in, "Peace of Mind" and they seem to talk quite often as shown in, "Ten O Clocks News."

Autumn's relationship with Javan, her co-worker is strained. She doesn't seem to like him, even calling him a jerk behind his back.

She has run into Twilight Sparkle at least twice, and has tried to get exclusive interviews from Twilight, failing each time.


  • "No"
  • "Ten O Clock News"
  • "Peace Of Mind"
  • "Twi Drama 1/4"
  • "Baked Ponyville"
  • "For The Pony"
  • "Evening News"


From the episode, "Peace of Mind." This occurs right after Autumn returns Greg's backpack.

Greg - "Oh my gosh! I could hug you!"

Autumn Summer - "Please do!"