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Adorkable Applejack is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.

She likes apples.

Appearance []

Applejack is a yellow colored mare with a long flowing mane that she ties to one side with a band. Her tail is the same. She has freckles on her cheeks and is often seen wearing a hat, but not always.


Applejack is a farmer at her family owned farm, Sweet Apple Acres.

Gowing up she claims she was the first mare to play on the Ponyville school district's stallions hoofball team. She also begrudgingly admits she was a backup to the backup and mainly handed out drinks for the team and shot a t-shirt cannon at the audience. Paperback lives the outdoors and likes to hike and camp. She likes to rough it with very little amenities.


Applejack is shown as kind and wanting to help others. She is also stubborn and set in her ways. This sometimes gets in her way of helping others. What she believes is the best way to help may not always be the best. She is also honest which is a good trait, but it sometimes leads to awkward moments. She can also stumble over her own words.


Apple Bloom is the younger sister of Applejack and they seem to be pretty close. Applejack is shown trying to help Apple Bloom prep for her future if she chooses to work on the family farm.

Big Mac is the brother of Applejack. They seem to work together when needed and have a great relationship together.

Appearances []

  • "Honesty"
  • "Friendship Is Magical"
  • "Buck Honesty"
  • "Gooooaaalll!!!"
  • "Playing The Fool"
  • "The Right Motivation"
  • "Internal Rejection"
  • "Those Were Not Blueberries"
  • "Think Thud"
  • "Scheduled Fun"
  • "Bondage Bonding"
  • "What Is Love?"
  • "Two Minds"
  • "The Fillies" (mentioned)
  • "Twilight Picks"
  • "Applejack Perspective"
  • "One Trick Apple Pony"
  • "Boop, Boop, Goose!"
  • "Weekend Getaway"
  • "Cuddle Buddies"
  • "Wrong Attraction"
  • "Springing Into Spring"
  • "Reignited"
  • "Finest Friends"
  • "Wildfire"
  • "Wise Apple"
  • "F Is For Friends"
  • "The Truth Will Set You Free"
  • "Pumpkin Apple Style"
  • "Honest Apple"
  • "Location, Location, Location"
  • "Family Sport"
  • "Traditional Ways"
  • "Reunion"
  • "Sudden Destruction"
  • "Early To Rise"
  • "Life Experience"
  • "Being Useful"
  • "Done Right"
  • "Easy Uneasy"
  • "Axe Attack"
  • "Mares Glamping"
  • "No Normal"
  • "Rare Guidance" (mentioned)

Trivia []

  • Applejack has been seen driving two different vehicles. In, "Applejack Perspective," she is seen driving an older pickup truck with the words "Bighorn" written on the back. It resembles and 80s/early 90s Ford F-150. In the episode, "Weekend Getaway," she has a brown colored 4x4 SUV. It resembles a 70s/80s Jeep Wagoneer.