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Adorkable Amethyst Star is a character in the "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" series.


Amethyst Star is the Wood-Shire Neighborhood Association President. She takes her roll very seriously in trying to keep the neighborhood in tip top shape. She has to constantly prod Twilight Sparkle to keep her grounds in better shape.


Amethyst Star is a purple unicorn mare with a nicely cared for mane and tail. She is of average size with three amethysts as her mark.


Amethyst takes her rolls of leadership very seriously. To some she may come off as bossy, but really she is just trying to do the best she can. She is kind and legitimately wants people to succeed in what they do. She is really good at organizing and planning events and has a natural leadership ability.


  • "Yard Waste"
  • "Look Out Below"
  • "Yard Care"
  • "Local Vote"
  • "Green Hoof"
  • "Lost Battle"
  • "One Of A Kind" (mentioned)
  • "Twilight's Solution"
  • "Ship Of Fools"
  • "Other Lives"
  • "Authority"


  • "I feel violated!" - Amethyst Star in the episode, "Look Out Below."


  • She lives in the same neighborhood as Twilight Sparkle. The neighborhood is called Wood-Shire.