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The Adorkable Adventure or Adorkable Twilight and Friends: The Adventure is a first-person, online, voting-based, choose-your-own-adventure story that is featured on the same blog as Adorkable Twilight and Friends. The first issue was debuted near the end of 2016. There have been regular monthly updates since.

The Plot Device[]

The story functions as a choose-your-own-adventure with the twist that, at each branch, the reader's have a few days to a week to vote on the action the main character takes in the next issue. This is done by voters leaving their vote in the comments. At any one branch, only one decision ever wins the vote and becomes drawn, all other decisions are effectively irrelevant.

The Story So Far[]

The anonymous main character, which we will refer to as "you" due to the first-person perspective of the story, begins just outside the city limits of Ponyville. You then choose to visit the corner store where you spot a female employee stocking some shelves. You decide to flirt with her, to which she blushes and brushes it off. You try to flirt more but she politely tells you, "your tricks wont work on her." You decide to purchase some chips and, in one last-ditch attempt, flirt with her once more. She tells you she gets off at 7 pm, alluding to the possibility of a date. You leave and head for the florist.

At the flower shop, you ask the florist, Roseluck, for "help choosing a flower." She shows you some options and you pick the blue ones. You then ask for the "town news" and she gives you the run down on the days events. She also adds her number to your phone. You then leave to go to Musically Yours the record shop where Vinyl Scratch works.

At the record shop, you engage Vinyl in a conversation and then proceed to boop her nose. Dazed and confused, she slips into a rant about how, sometimes, she just likes having her nose booped. This leads to some awkward backtracking as she tries to reverse what she said, but you respond with support for her "interest." She seems overjoyed that the taboo didn't scare you off as she adds her number to your phone and invites you over on her lunch break. At that moment, Spike walks in and notices you. He says Twilight has been waiting for you and that you should come with him as soon as possible. Vinyl protests saying you're already coming to her place in just a little while. For the first time in the series, you are forced to make a decision between two in-panel characters.