Adorkable Twilight & Friends Wiki

The Adorkable Twilight & Friends Twitter page was started in July 2020 as an outlet to share Adorkable Twilight & Friends Comics outside of their Tumblr source. They use the handle @AdorkableTwili1.

Release Schedule[]

The Twitter platform as an outlet to share Adorkable Twilight & Friends Comics outside of the Tumblr source. One of the first posts presented a poll asking if they should release the comic series on par with the Tumblr account, or start it from the very beginning. By an overwhelming margin, people voted to start from the beginning of the series. The Twitter account started the series from the very beginning the following week and released on average two episode a day, including weekends. In early 2021, the schedule changed to release one episode a day every day of the week.

It is expected when the series does catch up the Tumblr releases, that it will follow the same schedule as Tumblr.


The Twitter page hit 1,000 followers within the first two months of creation. By June of 2021, it had 2,353 followers.

Location Gag[]

The location info has always alternated between different locations. The original location was listed as "locked up in a basement" for most of 2020. In late 2020 it changed to Botswana.

In 2021 it said "Camp Verde" which is a city in Arizona, followed by "Saguenay" which is a city in Quebec by June. August through September it said "Finland" before changing to "under an overpass" in October.