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Adorkable Twilight & Friends Tumblr is considered the official social media home of Adorkable Twilight & Friends. It has been the source of new episodes since the beginning of the series in 2014. This was the main source of the series until in 2020 a Twitter account was created to also share episodes of the series.

Release Schedule[]

Early in the comic's life, the series had periods of releasing episodes everyday, but this ended rather fast as instead they moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday release schedule. Usually random jokes and events would be interspersed on non-release days. This 3 episode a week schedule remained from 2015-2021. Around 2018, they began re-running the new episode releases the following day.

In early 2021, it was announced the series would move to a two episodes a week schedule with episodes now releasing on Tuesday and Thursday. Reruns of those episodes would follow the following and during the weekend.


The growth on Tumblr happened fairly quickly but never outpacing short lived comic series or 'fad' series. Instead it grew slow and steady. In 2021, the account hit 4,000 followers.