Adorkable Twilight & Friends Wiki

The world of Adorkable Twilight & Friends has many businesses, organizations, and companies. Below is a partial list of some of the businesses that dot the world.

Arts & Crafts - A small local business located in downtown Ponyville. They give art lessons and sell art and art supplies.

Banana - A large technology company that produces computers, smart phones. and tablets.

Binge Soda - A company that produces and sells soda beverages.

Bloom Your World - Is a small local business in Ponyville. It is a gardening and flower shop run by Roseluck.

Bon Bon's Sweet Cakes Sweet Shop - Is a business owned by Bon Bon in downtown Ponyville. It is a shop that specializes in hand make confections, baked goods, and snacks. Spike also has an office inside the shop for his massage service.

Buffalo - Is an automobile manufacturer that produces vehicles. They seem to have many muscle cars.

Bug-etta-bout-it - A company that produces ointments and creams to treat mosquito and bug bites.

Cascade Spring Mist - Is a water bottling company owned by Rainy Coast Foods.

Colgate Family Dentistry - Is a dentists office in Ponyville owned and operated by Colgate.

Columbia - A technology company that sells goods online and creates home devices such as the Columbia Wave device known as Alli.

Equestria Rail - Is a national government funded rail service all throughout Equestria with some lines that run into the Crystal Empire.

Funk Foods - A company that sells chips, most noticeable Horse Chips brand.

Grizzly - Is an automobile brand that makes trucks. One of their trucks is called a Bison.

Hauling Dash Logistics - A delivery and logistics company that transports goods. Their semi trucks have been seen.

Hay Burger - A chain of fast food restaurants.

Laid - A chip making company with several brands and flavors of chips. Often known as Laid brand chips. The also make Horitoes and Cheeze Balls.

Mare County Community Bank - Is a bank chain located in Mare County. They have branches in Ponyville and other communities.

Mare County Community College - Is a community college located in Ponyville.

Mare County Public Utilities - Is a utilities department that runs electricity and water for Mare County.

Mare County Scrap Yard - Is a scrap yard located near Ponyville.

Mid-Town Manehattan Alterations, Tailor & Design - Is a business located in Manhattan and owned and run by Coco Pommel. They specialize on creating unique clothing as well as repairs of clothing articles.

MiFace - A technology company that runs the social media site MiFace. The site seems to be similar to Facebook and MySpace, but it has a dating aspect as well.

Ms. Clean - Is a brand of cleaning supplies.

Pony - Is an electronics brand that makes the PlayDepot gaming system and other electronics such as phones, tablets, and computers.

PostEd - A private international delivery company that handles logistics of goods. Both their airplanes and delivery trucks have been seen. Seems to be a mix of real life UPS and FedEx.

Powwel's - Is a book store and gift shop located in Dockland.

Rainy Coast Foods - Makes a wide range of foods from trail mix to granola and ice-cream. Their ice cream brand is Tillamilkamoo. They have a water brand known as Cascade Spring Mist.

Spike's Massage Service - Is a start up massage business created by Spike. He does on call visits but is headquartered inside Bon Bon's business, Bon Bon's Sweet Cakes Sweet Shop, in downtown Ponyville.

Tony's - Is a cologne shop in downtown Ponyville. It is run by Tony.

The Mare's Monthly - Is a magazine heavily geared towards mares. It shows off fashion tips as well as the latest gossip news and handsome stallions.

Tillamilkamoo - Is a company that crafts ice cream. They are part of the the Rainy Coast Foods brand. They are based on ice cream brand Tillamook.

Volvere - An automobile manufacturer that produces vehicles.

YourPillow - Is a company from Whinnyapolis that created and manufactures pillows. The inventor and founder is Mitch Windell.