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This page will have all Adorkable character in list format including characters that have no name and don't need a full page dedicated to them. ABC order, include name, male/female, race, maybe thumbnail and number of times appeared in comic.

Named Characters[]

Name Gender Type First Appearance/Mention Thumbnail
Alli F Computer AI "Alli, Give Me Episode"
Amethyst Star F Unicorn "Yard Waste"
Anchor Kwill M Earth "Book Bug"
Apple Bloom F Earth "Buck Honesty"
Apple Cobbler F Earth "The Right Price"
Applejack F Earth "Honesty"
Autumn Summer F Earth "No"
Banana Pie M Unicorn "Firm Deal"
Barry M Earth "Just Friendship"
Berry Punch F Earth "Helping Hoof"
Bertha F Unicorn "Plus Size Model"
Big Mac M Earth "Buck Honesty"
Bighorn M Unicorn "Fair Trade"
Billiam M Earth "Hard Bargain"
Blossomforth F Pegasus "Charity Car Wash"
Bon Bon F Earth "Monkey See, Monkey Do"
Bulk Biceps M Earth "Just Business"
Cadance F Alicorn "Time Zones"
Carrot Top F Earth "Banking On It"
Celestia F Alicorn "Wave Around A Big Stick"
Cheerilee F Earth "Everypony Knows Your Name"
Clear Skies F Pegasus "Family Fan"
Clear Sky F Pegasus "Charity Car Wash"
Cloudchaser F Pegasus "Wise Dragon"
Coco Pommel F Earth "Designer Friends"
Colgate F Unicorn "Guy Stuff"
Colin M Earth "Helpful Kidnapping"
Conner M Earth "Give Him Some Time"
Cuffs M Earth "Bad Company"
Curtis M Earth "Public Relations"
Daisy F Earth "Dress For Success"
Elbert M Fish "All In A Name"
Ellen F Earth "How May I Help You"
Flitter F Pegasus "Family Fan"
Flurry Heart F Alicorn "Family Call"
Fluttershy F Pegasus "Basket Case"
Francis M Earth "Twilight Lecture"
Grace Manewitz F Earth "Returning The Flavor"
Granny Smith F Earth "Traditional Ways"
Gray M Earth "Bright Spot"
Greg M Unicorn "Pressing Twi"
Griggs M Earth "Third Tier"
Hoofstrong M Earth "Go West"
Isabelle F Earth "Hand Curse"
Javan M Unicorn "New Guy"
Johnny M Earth "Kinda Small"
Kent M Earth "Stepping Up"
Lawrence M Earth "Library"
Lily Valley F Earth "The Mares"
Luna F Alicorn "Wave Around A Big Stick"
Lyra Heartstrings F Unicorn "Reasons"
Major Clop M Bison "Go West"
Marie F Earth "Price Of Fame"
Maud Pie F Earth "Those Friendly Visits"
Mayor Mare F Earth "The Moon Rises"
Mitch Windell M Earth "Buying Calm"
Moondancer F Unicorn "Mi Casa Es Su Casa"
Murphy M Earth "Helpful Kidnapping"
Ned M Earth "Library"
Night Light M Unicorn "Just Dinner"
Octavia F Earth "Joy Of Roomies"
Patricia F Earth "Hard Bargain"
Paul M Earth "Lyra Logic"
Petey M Earth "Playing The Fool"
Pinenut M Cat "Thrill Of The Night"
Pinkie Pie F Earth "Outside Is Dangerous"
Rachel F Earth "Banking On It"
Rainbow Dash F Pegasus "Helping Friends"
Rarity F Unicorn "Generously Open"
Raspberry Sorbet F Unicorn "Way Back When"
Red M Earth "Misunderstanding"
Redheart F Earth "Friendly Push"
Rodney M Goat "Twilight's Solution"
Roseluck F Earth "The Vitals"
Scootaloo F Pegasus "Time Capsule"
Serena F Earth "Plus Size Hope"
Shining Armor M Unicorn "Time Zones"
Smolder F Dragon "Player Online"
Soarin' M Pegasus "Payment"
Soda F Earth "Book Bug"
Spike M Dragon "Princess Juice"
Spitfire F Pegasus "Follow The Rear"
Spray F Earth "Applejack Perspective"
Stable M Unicorn "Flu Shot"
Star Dusk F Earth "Alone"
Starlight Glimmer F Unicorn "Equestrian Justice"
Sugar Belle F Earth "Traditional Ways"
Sunburst M Unicorn "Generously Honest"
Sweetie Belle F Unicorn "Tax Pirate"
Thunderlane M Pegasus "Look Out Below"
Tim M Earth "How May I Help You"
Tony M Earth "Smell Good Times"
Tree Hugger F Earth "Alone"
Trevor M Earth "Childhood Innocence"
Trixie Lulumoon F Unicorn "The Right Motivation"
Tucker M Earth "Applejack Perspective"
Twilight Sparkle F Alicorn "Perfect Timing"
Twilight Velvet F Unicorn "Just Dinner"
Vinyl Scratch F Unicorn "Joy Of Roomies"
Zephyr Breeze M Pegasus "Good Memories"

Unnamed Characters[]

Name Gender Type First Appearance Thumbnail
Park Ranger Male E "Mare's Glamping"
Landlord Pony Male E "Helpful Kidnapping"
Bookstore Pony Female E "Book Bug